Good Morning Miami

On December 12, 2015 President Obama declared “Even today, you can put a price on the damage that climate change is going.  When you go to Miami and when it is flooding at high tide on a sunny day and fish are swimming through the middle of the streets…uh, there is a cost to that”.

obama-high tide


I needed to do some research to see if Miami had experienced some flooding and indeed they had.  The flooding was about 10 inches so when people woke up and went outside they were ankle deep in water.  Listening to the President I should have rented Waterworld and plan on how to survive this catastrophy.

Wow, climate change must be working just like Al Gore explained to us.  Earth is heating up, Ice Caps melting and water levels are rising. Wait a second, the President said high-tide.  That is a lunar event according to NBC Miami (  You mean he was just using a local event to promote his narrative of how dangerous climate change was so that he could move faster towards a carbon tax or cap and trade or whatever other economic model that we will bow down to in order to save the planet.

I am not sure whether President Obama deserves the zipper or the entire climate change movement.  If you want to find out more about sea level rise, visit C3, they are swimming with information on sea level rise like fish swimming up and down the street.  I just want to give a shout out to  My screen on my iPhone was shattered and they replaced the glass same day.  A lot of my research is done with my cell phone, so getting it back and operational as quick as they did was a blessing.

Kasich- Really?


I have been observing John Kasich since he entered the presidential race.  The more I hear him, the less impressive he becomes.  Kasich seems to have the worst time talking about social issues. Whether it is giving advice on sexual assault on campuses or weighing in on the Mississippi or North Carolina law declaring that based on freedom of religion, you do not have to serve a customer that violates your religious belief.  He just seems to miss the empathy needed from any side.  it looks like he just doesn’t want confrontation and just takes the path of least resistance.  I do not see a man of character.  He looks like such a milk toast alternative to Trump and Cruz.

I am not sure what Kasich actually brings to the table. My fear is that people might see Kasich as less disruptive than Trump or Cruz.  Those people that might believe that do not see that the donor class and oligarchs have been running and bankrupting the system.  Kasich does have the background to tout his wares on fiscal conservatism.  He was a good lieutenant in the Newt Gingrich lead Congress.  Make no mistake though, Kasich is no Newt Gingrich.  Gingrich was brilliant and Bill Clinton offered that Newt would look outside of the box to solve problems.  Kasich does not have this skill set.  He thinks he can put the country back together again with conservative duct tape.  the challenge confronting us from within is our inability to know what our greatest threats are.  Our college campuses are functioning like Madrases in the Middle East. Where they promote victimhood and anarchy.  The suppression of free speech, the suppression of religious freedom and suppression of our rights to defend ourselves with guns.

The fact that we are in a full out war and the insiders jockey around with people like Kasich so they can hold onto their individual power is pure evil.  Kasich to that end I fear is a pawn.  That does not mean a decision of who should represent the republicans is a clear choice.  All have inherent weaknesses.  I just do not want a guy leading our country that is not a leader.  Kasich will be handled and told what to do and will pivot to what he knows which is some basic tenants of fiscal conservatism.  The fact that Kasich seems to have no real moral compass other than to be pragmatic is a culture on the decline.

Reason is not longer intelligently displayed.  All of the republicans who can effectively do this are marginalized by the left and the willing liberal press.  One can look at Trump and see even less appealing from a moral compass standpoint, but he at least appears strong.  I would agree that the personal attacks and demeaning of everyone running against him is a character weakness that at some point will get exploited and the building will come tumbling down.  This country needs someone that we can follow.  A weak puppet like Kasich sickens me more than a bully that is a wild card that sometimes while crude gets things done.  That leaves us with Cruz who reminds me all to much of Richard Nixon visually, too socially awkward to create a movement, but at his core is honest and intelligent and committed to saving this country and every citizen within it.

With Hillary and Bernie representing a greater threat than any of our republican alternatives. I cannot help but pray God to help us all.  We may actually end up getting what we deserve and that is judgment on our laziness and complacent attitude towards Government and our roll within this Country.  I was watching Tony Evan give a sermon and he explained that to start a movement it starts with you.  Do not rely on the next President, but speak truth with love, humility and gentleness and you can be heard above the screams of hate. Whether that hate is coming from the political left or the political right.

The Woman’s Vote

It is an interesting election year when the woman’s vote becomes extremely important.  Do woman vote for the first woman to ever be elected to the White House with Hillary Clinton.  If so, then they would need to be responsible for everything that happens in the aftermath of that Presidency.  Hillary Clinton has showed that she will take a money from anywhere.  That could be proven with the person that set up her personal server that has now been granted immunity.  I do not believe that she will be indicted because President Obama does not have the moral compass to do it.  Without wasting anytime on Obama’s tendency to not take action, he is nearly certain that he will do nothing if the matter gets referred from the FBI to the Justice Department.  Hillary still has address the point of how bad her judgment is to give foreign intelligence a chance at even hacking into her personal email.  Clinton still has to address that if we learned in Iraq that you have to plan for the day after, how come she did not learn that in deposing The Libyan strongman.  The result of that decision lead to Benghazi.  The lack of communication with her ambassador lead to the inadequate security based on the current information on the ground.  They will also have to address the fact that Hillary is trying to compete with Bernie Sanders for the American Socialist and Communist vote.  That of course is the youth vote coming out of the socialism mills that are today’s American universities and colleges.  The choice on the left is Bernie or Hillary and to most sane non-socialist/ communist Americans is a no-brainer.  Hillary is no Communist, but she does ascribe to the ruling elite that should make decisions for everyone to protect them from themselves.  So Hillary should make sense to head the ticket of the democrats.

On the right we have Donald Trump that is the most unsophisticated person to ever run for the Presidency.  The stuff guys would say at a poker table he says in front of cameras for the world to hear.  To think that because he has a model for a wife means that he is a great person or that she likes the billionaire lifestyle, neither one puts his wife in a good light.  Not casting insults on her, but lets just say that 65% of America does not see the genuine good in him yet.  How might American woman see the Billionaire and his trophy wife.  So far a lot are scared of him.  Compare Trump threatening to go after Cruz’s wife not unlike going after Bill when Hillary was talking about how she will champion the cause of woman.  Bill is fair game, but it is important that you at least seem more appropriate than Bill Clinton and so far, that is not a slam dunk for Trump.

That leaves us with Cruz.  Senator Cruz is married to a brilliant woman that was a big deal over at Goldman Sachs.  The problem is that I said Goldman Sachs.  that is the same company that paid Hillary hundreds of thousands of dollars for speeches that Hillary will not release the transcripts for.  I believe that Cruz and Sanders are the most honest of the politicians and believe every word coming out of their mouths.  It is just that one is a Socialist and the other is a conservative.  This election year is who can lead us out of crisis.  Who will American Woman believe can do that the best.  With the Supreme Court in play, politics will be even meaner and dirtier.  With the economy, social issues, security and terrorism, as well as very real wars that could happen with North Korea, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Russia and China, who is the best pick for American Woman.  I do not pretend to speak for the women voters, but our country hangs in the balance and they will have the final say.

Will the soccer mom’s look around and see decay of the infra-structure as she takes the kids to soccer or will see social issues winning the day.  If she looks about on the interstate and see other soccer mom’s broken does on the shoulders, does she look for answers in local communities, government or a local towing company like AST Towing to clean up the mess and get the family to their destination.  What we see as the problem comes down to our filter in how we look at the world.  That filter is different for everyone and I have never understood the woman filter and look curiously had how a filter completely foreign to my own will elect the next President of the United States.

Zip it Mitt

It is an interesting day when the republican nominee for president in 2008 and 2012 tell the voters to not vote for the front runner, but instead vote in a way that leads to a brokered convention where they can thwart the will of the people and recruit someone else, say like Mitt.  It is sad when the establishment calls on Mitt to act like his is a voice of the people to talk down Trump.  Mitt Romney is responsible for giving us another 4 years of President Obama.  For that very reason, he is not entitled to speak out.  He could not speak out on Obama when he lied about the talking points surrounding Benghazi and a video that caused a spontaneous protest.  Mitt reeks of the good ole boy network of the richy rich.  Donald Trump is the personification of the frustration with these politicians wrap themselves in Reagans’s clothes, but are a really a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

You do not have to be a supporter of Trump to see how twisted it is for the establishment to tag two losers who highly disappointed Republicans every where with such miserable campaigns against Obama.  That is because they only know how to wield the power of money and influence, but have no guiding principals.  That is why the Mitt and McCain blast will only fuel the anti-establishment voters.   The target is Trump, but you better believe Cruz would be the target if he were the front runner.  I am not sure what I loath more, an establishment Republican or a establishment democrat.  At least Republican voters know that the Democrats are liars.  They just can bear to believe the people we vote for lie to us for their personal gain at the cost of the Country.


Zip it Mitt.

Republican Town Hall in South Carolina 2/17/2016

I was so delighted in this town hall format.  CNN and Cooper Anderson spent an hour with Ben Carson, then Marco Rubio and then Ted Cruz. It was interesting to note that Donald Trump was on MSNBC at the same time that Ben Carson was on CNN.  I tried to toggle between Donald Trump and Ben Carson and it looked like all parties did quite well for themselves.  First was Ben Carson who I thought had been badly damaged by his mediocre debates thus far.  In the debates he gets caught napping in my opinion. It seems like his named seldom gets called and when it does he is not ready for prime time.  I think Ben Carson is a smart guy with big ideas.  He lacks a lot of experience in foreign affairs.

In the debates he seems like he says the same three things every debate. To that end is is just a three trick pony.  However, given an hour to elaborate on his ideas, he seems quite refreshing.  He did not have to worry about attacks coming from other candidates or gotcha questions form the media.  He got great questions from the audience and I thought he sounded great. One woman asked what one big idea he had.  He said that he had many and that he encouraged people to go to his website and look into all of them.  He did point to one big idea.  Carson explained that we have 330 million people in the United States.  Compare that in contrast to China that has 1.4 billion people or India that has 1.1 billion people.  Carson’s point is we need every single person in our country achieve greatness so we can compete against those that have numerical advantages over us.  Then he went on to explain how each single person in the Unites States is precious and deserves the opportunity to be educated and we the people need to rally around those in need, not the Government.  He explained how communities come together when someone in the community falls on hard times.  the community of “we the people” need to do that.  People who are in prison need to have the ability to learn and prepare themselves for re-integration into society.  The mentally ill need to not be housed in jail or let go on the street, but to care for them in mental health facilities.  To give everyone an opportunity to progress. To help provide child care for so single mom’s can get educated and can help educate their children and progress in today’s economy.  This is his big idea to stop the cycle of dependence on the government.

I forget who he quoted as it relates to Socialism is really great until you run out of other people’s money.  At the same time, Donald Trump was talking to the folks from Morning Joe.  The questions that was asked  was do you know who this is? The questioner went on to list a list of characteristics and appeal to an angry populace.  Then Trump answered that it was him.  She said no, it is Bernie Sanders.  Trump is the biggest wild card of anyone that I have ever seen run for office.  When his ideas could be confused with a confessed Socialist, conservatives are in trouble.  The same questioner said that we he attacked George W. Bush and him being dishonest about the weapons of mass destruction and the big error it was in going into Iraq, she said that you are speaking to me now.  that is what she thinks.  The questioner is pretty left leaning liberal on MSNBC.  With the passing of Supreme Court Justice Scalia, who the next President may consider for a replacement has become a major major issue. last year said that his sister would be a great Supreme Court justice.  His sister is radically left on the political spectrum.  With Carson you kinda of know what you are going to get.  He seems like he will bring good minds together to solve complex problems.  He will do that by applying biblical standards.  That bodes well for our country’s moral compass.  Trump may cause the magnetic fields to completely flip.

I think Carson has a really strong understanding of the threat of Socialism and the role that health care plays in controlling the populace.  Carson, being a Neurosurgeon has a unique perspective on health care.  Obama Care introduced even more regulations into healthcare preventing doctors from spending real time with the patients.  instead they have to abide by all of the regulations that actually prevent them from providing care. many great people in the health care profession have just thrown up their hands and left the field all together.  Having a health savings account is what Carson is advocating.  it also sounds like others, including Donald trump are starting to see value in this type of approach.

Back to trump on MSNBC.  I heard him say in the two minutes I flipped over there that he was going to make America great again and that he was going to build a wall, a great wall and Mexico was going to pay for it.  They asked how and he said many reasons, then failed to offer any reasons.  I am pretty sure people have heard that before and I am prety sure he repeated in several times within that hour alone.


“So everything I do I win.  All I do is win. I am a winner. I will make America great again”.  All of these quotes are from Donald Trump.  So what happens when he doesn’t win.  He threatens to sue.  He blames Cruz for misconduct.  He blames others for him losing.  Instead of taking responsibility for him losing because he made a strategic mistake in not participating in the last debate.  Instead he states that if it means him coming in second so that he can help the veterans raise 6 million dollars that he will make the decision every time.  If that is how you feel, then stop crying and blaming others for why you came in second.  Truthfully, Trump almost came in third with Marco Rubio very close behind Trump.  You cannot act noble like you are making a sacrifice for the veterans then cry like a loser.  When you lose and you whine, that is what losers sound like.  I have been blown away about how unconventional Donald Trump has been.  He has been able to be the key sound bite every news cycle. He has gotten so much face time on all of the media outlets without having to spend a time.  This time in Iowa, we see Ted Cruz who campaigned in 99 counties in Iowa.  Ted Cruz developed the best grass roots organization and ground game.  That is traditional politics that won the day.  That does not mean we will not have different results in different states, because we will.  I just hate hearing people cry about it.

What is even sadder is when you see people like Chris Christy taking shots at a person in third place.  Calling Mark Rubio the “boy in the bubble”.  That is as pathetic as Donald Trump whining about why he lost. He chose to skip a debate and he paid for it.  If he wanted to do a fundraiser, then he could have chosen another date.  He made a strategic decision that did not pay off.  Or worse yet, people are getting tired of the schtick from Trump.  His language is beneath that of a Presidential Candidate.  He sounds like a mob boss.  Back to Christy.  Why in the world do we waste any news cycle on a guy that is just trying to get to third place.  To call another Presidential Candidate a boy, is another knock off wise guy wannabe.

I love the political process, but it seems like everyone will compromise their personal integrity to gain an advantage.  That lowers the standard of the Presidency.  Of all the candidates that are seriously in contention, only Cruz and Sanders have taken the high road.  It sounds like Cruz may have taken some liberties as it relates to scaring voters with mail that states they are in violation. That lowers the standard of the character that we expect out of our next Commander and Chief.  How is it possible that a Socialist can look like he is capable of taking the high road, but a bunch of conservatives cannot.  I do not include Mr. Two Corinthians in the list of conservatives.  I do not think any body believes Trump is a man of character.  They on the other hand believe he is a guy that can get things done.  The buffoon who gets things done,  Or conservative who declare their faith can run low character attack pieces as our republican options.

Cruz won Iowa.  Trump needs to Zip it.  Christy needs to get relevant or go home. If he looks into the camera one more time ike he talking directly to the 45 year old construction worker, then I am going to vomit.  Christy is a walking sound bite.  “I will prosecute the case against Hillary”. That is great.  You were a prosecutor.  Can you prosecute your case of what you will do other than being a Rhino with an attitude.  Since I have a supply of zippers, I am going to give one zipper to Donald Trump for whing after losing in Iowa.  I am also going to give a zipper to Christy for call Mark Rubio, the boy in the bubble.  We expect better.  Please inspire us to why we should vote for either one of you as opposed to trying to assassinate the character of everyone else who is running against you.

Hillary Hillary Hillary

I was looking at a progressive show called the Young Turks aired on 1/15/2016 and they are starting to turn the critical lens on Hillary Clinton.  When liberals start to see Hillary for what she is, which is an accomplished liar and ego maniac only in the same league with Bill Clinton and Donald Trump.  The host dismissed the email, although some classified information was vulnerable was not THAT serious.  The host equated to being similar to General Patraeus problem with information being exposed to his mistress.  The serious problem comes into why Hillary Clinton needed to hide eyes from seeing what was happening regarding the Clinton Foundation.

The host of the Young Turks, then reported on a story that broke at Fox.  The host looked a bit uncomfortable with the source and states that if this is true, then this is a real problem.  Fox reported referring to FBI agents “The agents are investigating the possible intersection of Clinton Foundation donations, the dispensation of State Department contracts and whether regular process were followed” .  If this is true and the FBI is investigating this then this is a ticking time bomb for Hillary.

In the broadcast they had already talked about two speeches she gave to Goldman Sachs and pocketed two hundred thousand dollars each time.  The pay off seems routine, but it smells just the same in my opinion.  I start to think how can she keep spinning tales and her still have people that will vote for her no matter what.  Progressive and moderate women alike will talk about how she has championed the cause of women.  If you take a balanced score card approach. you will see she destroys woman for her personal and political gain.  Saudi Arabia is one of the worst abusers of women’s rights, but the Clinton Foundation takes in money and Hillary stays quiet at one of the most oppressive regimes on the planet to women.  Then look at the women that Bill Clinton sexually harassed at various positions over decades.  Hillary’s response when a victim came out publicly was to destroy them.  that was the quote that George Stephanoupolis had in his book.  The question George had was how should we respond.  Hillary’s response was to destroy them.

Then her standing behind Planned Parenthood after an undercover film exposed that Planned Parenthood was sell baby parts for profit, which is against the law.  Word parsing like only the Clintons can do and planned parenthood can do to allow them to dodge serious consequences.

I then look at Hillary’s testimony before congress regarding Benghazi and found her ability to lie such conviction that I found myself agreeing with her even though the facts do not line up that way.  Representative Jordan showed emails where she told family in an an email of an Al-queda like attack that just happened, not a protest based on a video.  Then the next email the night of the attack speaking with the PM of Egypt where she states that we know that this attack was not connected with the video and then named the party that had claimed responsibility.  Hillary spun a time table and sequencing of events that seemed plausible, but made no sense at the same time.  Hillary said she was trying to address the entire region and did not want other hot spots cropping up based on the video.  No evidence was ever found to support the video narrative at the time.  Of course Jordan pointed out that the political narrative of the Obama Administration and the Clinton State Department was that Bin Laden was dead and that Al-queda was on the run.  Fifty five days before the election the political option was to make it about a video and not about a terrorist attack.  Jordan specifically shows where Hillary is going through political calculus and not rescue calculus as this was playing out in real-time.

Because Hillary is so dark and pathological in her ability to lie that allows all kinds of conspiracy angles to stick.  Hillary is capable of the worst possible things and some how she will make 325% of the country think she is doing a great job.  Well we will see if those lemmings follow her over the cliff or jump on the Bern.  My guess is that Hillary will not make it to the end, because Progressives will not be silent and let Bernie Sanders lose to someone that corrupt.  Do not get me wrong, if Bernie Sanders or someone as equally leaning towards the hard left were not in the race, then Hillary would have a lot more support.  It is easier to look the other way when you cannot stand the alternative.  Bernie is scary and he will likely take your money, but I do not fear the same death and destruction as we will see in an Obama third term with Hillary Clinton as president.

Trump Zips Hillary

The loud and outspoken, politically incorrect spokesman for the anti-establishment, Donald Trump just negated Hillary’s biggest advantage which was her appeal to women and her being a champion for women’s causes.  Hillary thought she was on safe ground attacking Trump on Sexist grounds, which would have been hard for many to refute.  Then Trump went there and said that Hillary was on very shaky ground if she is going to claim she is a champion for women after history of attacking victims of sexual abuse. Trump pulled the Bill Clinton abused women card.  Then implied Hillary was directly responsible for the bimbo retaliation campaigns and attacked these victims and defamed their character. Hillary participated in the attacking and persecuting of these women and was directing the Clinton War Room to dig up the dirt and smear these women. We are not talking about just Monica Lewinsky who was a willing participant in an affair.  We are talking about the many many women who became whistle blowers on this abuse of power by means of sexual harassment via the then Governor of Arkansas.  Hillary did not only enable her husband’s despicable behavior,  but she retaliated against the victims.  This narrative is clearly understood by those over 50 years old.  This played out for months and years in the public eye and everyone of that generation grew numb to yet another Clinton Scandal.  The new voters have no idea of all of the scandals Hillary was in the middle of.  The biggest was attacking the women that claimed that they had been sexually abused by Bill Clinton.  Attacking the victim in a time when woman are making a stand on campuses because of the unprecedented sexual attacks that are happening in the incubator of liberalism, which is on the college campus.  Hillary was called out in the most brilliant way and that was Trump just waiting for Hillary to lob the first fire cracker and then he sent back a hand grenade.

Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush is trying so hard to make sure that Donald Trump is not the Republican nominee that he literally has abandoned any message or vision that he might have for the Country.  Jeb seems pathetic trying to be heard amongst the many outlandish statements by Donald Trump.  If Jeb wants a clue on how to behave, then he just needs to look at Ted Cruz and Mark Rubio.  Articulate your message without getting into dirty fights with career Republican handlers.  I loath Jeb Bush for being a puppet.  If he is really the decision maker in his campaign, then he should fire himself. Jeb has been so virtually bland and trying to convince people he has fire in the belly.  E very time he tries to shw fire in the belly it just sounds so fake and forced.  Jeb is lietrally whining and no one is listening.  The false anger looks like his handlers are demanding something from him that he cannot give.  The handlers of Jeb Bush are everything that is wrong with the Republican Party.  They cannot fix it, unless they admit that they are the authors of Republican big government and poor decisions while at the helm. Bush looks like a cry baby whenever he tries to show he has the stones to go head to head with the king mudslinger.  I would give Jeb a zipper, but I clearly do not think anyone is listening.  So to that end, I just say whatever Jeb, whatever.

Miss Universe

Oh my!  I like Steve Harvey and think he is a real dude.  He actually cares.  So when he misread the winner at the Miss Universe pageant, I felt for everyone effected.  Now the initial mistake was legendary.  So he issued an apology to the two contestants and miss spelled both countries.  At some point you just have to duck and cover and wait until it is safe to come out again.  I have to admit I do not watch pageants so all of my initial thoughts were based on the reporting at the time.  You can see that these women feel like they are representing their country so that is really cool.  The idea of a beauty pageant seems strangely out of touch with where we have come in terms of equality.  A pageant on the beauty of a women is extremely subjective and the judges can be easily corrupted.  Maybe a telephone call in vote, but then it would be countries with more phones and money to make the call wins.

Why is there not a Mr. Universe that requires answering questions.  Guy eye candy does not also have to have a personality or a brain.  Interesting times, but at least national pride gives us a rationale to say beauty lives in our country.  In the end of the day, there are worse things to say.  Beauty comes in many forms.  I see beauty in the one that serves someone in need when no one is watching.  That is real beauty to the core.  I see beauty in first responders.  I see beauty in teachers tutoring there kids after school.  I see beauty in Fathers stepping in when a boy has no father of his own.  I see beauty and now being removed from the Trump brand may show some of that beauty.  I also see beauty in humility.  Steve Harvey, you are beautiful as is the one that only had the crown for a couple of minutes.



It has taken a while to address the 800 pound Gorilla in the room.  That subject is Donald Trump who has more gaffes than Joe Biden.  That is saying  a lot.  I could list all of the gaffes he has made, but he his response has been to declare that he never said that or what he said however crude, did not mean what everyone else already instinctively understood the context,  that is all but Donald Trump.

Whether it saying someone has been schlonged, Fox Moderator having blood coming out of everywhere, Kicking 11 million undocumented people out of the country, not allowing any more muslims in the country, whether it is Carly Fiorina’s face, John McCain’s not being a hero because he got caught, pick a slight that would have ended any other campaign.     In that Trump comes up with these little gems to keep from having to buy TV ads, I would say that trump is genius in that he does not have to run ads.  All of the news outlets are begging him to come on their show.  He keeps making news.

So let me address the fact that Trump could get a zipper every single day, or at the very least once a week, I will give him one fat zipper that will cover every word that leaves his mouth for the past, for the present and for the future.  Trump is brave to bring up politically incorrect conversations, but these are conversations that we need to have. Instead The press caters to the feeble left and their phony righteous indignation or they pander to the right, and act if we are going to strip rights away from present day Americans if that group happens to have a crazy fringe that endangers them all.

Let’s have the conversation, but lets have them with adults.


Democratic Presidential Debate December 19, 2015

I watched the Democratic Presidential Debate that Debbie Wasserman Schultz tried to hide on a Saturday night before Christmas.  All of the talk leading up to the actual debate was the data breach at the DNC and how the DNC locked out Bernie Sanders from accessing his own information after a Sanders staffer was caught looking at material that landed in his lap.  Of course Sanders had to sue in order to get resolution to the harm the DNC caused to his campaign.  Two similar circumstance happened. In the first instance, the Sanders camp notified the DNC to say that Clinton campaign info was somehow now available to them despite the security measures that all parties expect to be in place. Something inside this multi-tenant server separated by some software apparatus failed.  The second time a staffer looked at the material and may have downloaded information.  Bernie apologized.  I believe Bernie Sanders acted responsibly firing the staffer and apologizing to Clinton.  Clinton got a pass from Bernie Sanders in the first debate when she was embroiled in the email scandal and he gave her a pass. He did not seize on that opportunity to pile on when Clinton’s honesty meter was in sharp decline.  Clinton accepted the apology which seemed to be a now we are even moment.  I believed that everyone on stage gave a truthful depiction of who they were and what they would do if elected to the Presidency.  I still think Hillary has a trustworthy Gap, but she is more than competent.

That is why, the zipper I am going to issue is to Debbie Wasserman Schultz who decided to do something extraordinary in locking Sanders out of his own information right before the debate.  There was no due process and actually some sharing of information that was only given to the Clinton camp and not Sanders.  Schultz had to sit there with a camera on her while Sanders gave his account of what had happened along with his apology.  Schultz of course did not have to respond to anything, because she was not in the debate.  But she really was in the debate in that she wielded unchecked power and has more influence than anyone else on the left side of the isle.  It is hard to separate the insider deal that she was constructing with the Clinton campaign and not see a foretelling of collusion that is sure to follow in days to come.  Right now it is clear that Schultz deserves a zipper, but the problem is not her words but her actions.  She demonstrated everything that is wrong with both the democrat and republican establishment.  That is why Sanders, Trump, Carson and Cruz have such appeal in spite of the massive name recognition of Clinton and Bush that so many people are more than tired of.


Oh Bernie

Oh Bernie

Bernie Sanders is a self-described Socialist from Vermont running for President of the United States of America.  In the Democratic national Debate, the Moderator asked Bernie ” In the previous debate, you said the greatest threat to national security was climate change. Do you still believe that”?

Bernie responds, ” Absolutely! In fact climate change is directly related to the growth of terrorism.  If we do not get our act together and listen to what the scientists say you are going to having countries all over the world…this is what the CIA says they are going to be struggling over limited amounts of water, limited amounts of land to grow crops and you are going to see all kinds of international conflict.  But of course international terrorism is a major issue that we have to address today”.

The zipper should have issued right after the word Absolutely.  Bernie proclaims that climate change IS directly related to the growth of terrorism.  Wow, that is quite a statement.  I cannot wait to hear the supporting facts to substantiate this assertion.  The next statement is starts on the path of what the scientists says and then could not figure out what they said, so mid sentence he changes to what the CIA says.  The only problem is that this assessment is future tense and likely based on flawed models.  Every climate change modeling has proven incorrect when compared to actual results over time.  Bernie says that climate change is directly related to terrorism today.

I think Bernie and his social justice have not gotten a clue to what people want.  Bernie’s thinking seems to be based on terrorists only having poverty as an option would rather kill innocent people based on food, house, car… No based on Jihad.  Jihadist is what the Left like to call them, so why are you altering the motives of those sworn to kill us.  Because Bernie falsely believes justice is what he says it is.  Bernie has an ideology that works much better in theory than in reality.  I am going to give Bernie a 100 pieces of paper with good manufacturing jobs, with great benefits, completely unionized and let him stroll into Iraq or Syria and offer the Jihadist a chance into the middle class.  What a hero he is going to be.

Somehow ISIS got minimized to a squabble over land and water.  i am not sure whether he noticed where to terrorists were congregated.  Clue is their is a lot of sand.  It is like a desert there.   It looks like he is ready to fight ISIS alright.  i wonder if he mandates that all of our aircraft are made of solar panels to reduce our carbon footprint. If you are going to wage war, you might as well do it in a green way.